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Mobile Care Coordination: An Integrated Approach

By Care Thread
originally published Apr 29, 2014

A recent post by’s Ken Lindquist in Venture Beat, “How workflow software could be the backbone of the future web," struck a chord with me.

In this post, Lindquist took

us on a stroll down memory lane, highlighting the evolution of the productivity and collaboration advantages of Web 1.0 (“The Static Web”) and Web 2.0 (“The Social Web”), and now Web 3.0, as he terms “The Integrated Web” (as opposed to the commonly dubbed “The Semantic Web”). In this Web 3.0 world, technology should be able to string together several concepts without manually linking together multiple apps for both direct and indirect relevant results. In the context of usability and design, it’s all about integration of existing systems into one user-friendly entity.

Lindquist wrote:

Hmmm . . . workflow platforms that bring together multiple workflow components into one package? It sounds a lot like Care Thread’s approach to patient-centered mobile care collaboration.

Healthcare providers are surrounded by just as many programs and data systems as they are patients. One system for emails, another for messaging, another for labs, clinical reports, pharmacy orders, EMRs, HIEs, and billing systems. Not to mention landlines, VOIP phones, and gasp pagers. The time spent manually tapping into these systems from computer workstations or chasing down calls could be better spent with patients (and in person).

Care Thread’s BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is that of The Integrated Web – to integrate disparate communication and information systems into one platform in order for healthcare providers to not only communicate with each other regarding a specific patient, but also to collaborate and make better informed decisions about a patient’s care plan as clinical information becomes available. Why tap into a system multiple times waiting for a result when notifications can be pushed to providers as they become available in real time? Why play the “Who’s on first?” game when you can know and message your fellow care team members immediately? Aligned with Lindquist, Care Thread makes this “Integrated Web” approach real.

Over the next few weeks, we will unveil our app’s new UX and continue to talk about the productivity advantages of our mobile care coordination platform. From customer feedback, we believe that healthcare providers will value this integrated approach to mobile care coordination and its role in improving workflows.

We also want to hear from you to learn more about your experiences in making care coordination mobile. Email us at or Tweet us @carethread with your questions and comments about mobile care coordination and the future of healthcare provider workflow.

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