Care Thread in the News

Hospital communication goes mobile

From the July 7, 2014 edition of Providence Business News: It’s 2014 and in hospitals across the country, doctors are still using pagers.While the rest of the world has moved on to mobile phones with messaging apps and data sharing through social media, many hospitals still require on-call employees to walk around with technology from the 1990s.
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The value proposition of mHealth

From the June 09, 2014 edition of Clinical Innovation + Technology: Eighty percent of serious medical errors involve miscommunication during patient handoffs, and nurses spend two hours per shift on care coordination and communication, said Nick Adams, president and co-founder of Care Thread, during a webinar by Beacon Partners.
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Betaspring’s latest crop of entrepreneurs present their projects

From the June 04, 2014 edition of Providence Journal: Nicholas Adams, co-founder and president of Care Thread, was one. A little more than two years ago, his team arrived to create a secure mobile-messaging system for use in health care that’s intended to keep everyone on a medical team in the loop about the care a patient is receiving.
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